POACE is a rule that is used as a reference for running an event tied in with the committee so that the activities can go a systematic, planned, structured, and controlled. Which consists of several aspects such as Planning, Organizing, Actuating, Controlling and Evaluating:

a. Planning

 "A good plan that is not planned to be inferior to a well-planned evil plan"

Like the idiom, an event is impossible without the existence of a planning is packed in a work program. Where to make a program work necessarily requires careful consideration in terms of weaknesses, strengths, threat, purpose and benefits of the event. For an event that will surely be a success with all the necessary consideration planning.

Planning begins with the emergence of the idea or reason to hold an event. The next step is to begin to create a draft concept plan events or activities.

Good planning is not done by many people, but only by those who are in a position as a conceptor. The more heads that think, not necessarily a better value. But sometimes even prolong the process concepting activity as more and more parties are involved, the more difficult to unify the view. Should the conceptor is the person who actually has the ability and understanding of the activities to be held.

In this stage, the resulting is an event concept, personnel needs and time schedule. Thus, in the next stage, just divide the task of preparing appropriate committees and their respective duties.

b. Organizing

"If you failed to prepare, you prepare for failed"

If the planning steps have been completed, and the results are brought to the group of larger ones. That started with the steps to form a committee (organizing committee). All activities are certainly not out of either committee or subcommittee that requires a lot of human resources committee, where a team can work together and have a clear goal to support these event. So with the committee in a structured, systematic activity can run. The size of the people involved in the committee, of course tailored to the needs. Besides the shortage of human resources can be a problem, too much excess can also cause problems. Because many people are more difficult to manage than the little guy. Problems can also arise from the cost side, which should be more efficient if it is not too much involved.

At every position there is in the committee must have the duties, responsibilities, authority and position description (Job Description) different. The higher a position usually higher duties, responsibilities and authority. With the division of the work into the light. Here is one of the principles of management. That is to divide the tasks according to their respective expertise.

The role of a leader in the committee is essential. A good leader, able to manage human resources leads to prepare every detail planned. So the next stage smoothly.

c. Actuating

"Thousands of steps never achieved without the presence of one of the first small step"

Implementation of an action is the culmination of the work of a committee together, in the hope a team can help each other committees and provide a solution to a problem that occurs between one another committee. Thus, under any circumstances, activities run smoothly and successfully.

For that it takes hard work, smart work and cooperation. All existing human resources should be optimized to achieve the vision, mission and programs of the organization's work. Implementation of the work should be in line with the work plan has been prepared. Unless there are specific things that need to be done adjusting. Every human must work in accordance with the duties, functions and roles, skills and competencies of each human to achieve the vision, mission and organization of the work program that has been set.

d. Controlling

"Tired of it for sure, but giving up is an option. Indeed, many people do not know how close they were to success when they decided to give up "

Controlling for an activity is also one of the very important aspects of the time these events took place. The control here is the task of a leader. Controls performed in many respects the work and the team's emotional committees, the conditions of activities, the convenience of participants, the time course of each session of the order has been made, and so on. The purpose of the controls is that activities can be run as the order and concepts that have been agreed in advance, so that these activities produce maximum results.

And if there is not a problem due to unexpected obstacles, a leader must be able to cope. At this stage need leaders who are able to take decisions accurately and quickly. Task leader in this stage tend to be lighter than the executive committee that a lot of work. But the greatest responsibility still rests with the leader.

Most important in the control is how early it can be seen that deviations occur. Both in the planning, implementation and organization. So with it can immediately be corrected, anticipation and adjustments in accordance with the circumstances that occurred.

e. Evaluating

"The best teacher is experience, but it would be wise if we can learn from the experience of others"

If all the activities have been completed, the next step is an evaluation. Why this is necessary, because the existence of any problems or deficiencies that occur can be identified and collected as an archive, so that similar activities can then be used as a lesson and is expected to further the activities of similar problems do not recur. Evaluations conducted at least once at the end of the activity. However, it should also be evaluated mid-implementation activities, without interfering with the course of events. Evaluation is also a means of "controlling" when the activity takes place.

If each stage POACE above implemented, then the goals will be more definite. Leaders course never leave one step. And indeed every stage of Planning to Evaluating a primary responsibility of leaders.

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